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Sardinia it has always been a favourite holiday destination. With over 1800 km of coast line and hundreds of stunning beaches, stunning granite’s mountains and crystal clear waters Sardinia’s charm will get you before the first sunset. Our list of former guests that have now purchased a villa and moved to Sardinia keep getting bigger and bigger…

The climate is very mild and pretty sunny all year round. Sardinia has a long summer season that goes from May to October. Spring and Autumn are very enjoyable and most of the time when the sun come up, it would be still warm enough to go swimming in the sea.

Sardinia is a very mysterious place that keep puzzling historians archaeologists and scientists. The history of the world starts with Sardinia, as it is considered by many scientist the first piece of land to have emerged. Over 8000 towers called “Nuraghe” are spread trough the island. Ancient inhabitants of Sardinia have allegedly build them but although many theories have been developed, none of them really explain their origins and function. The outstanding number of this kind of tower has led many scientist to believe that Sardinia is the never found Atlantis. It is in fact well known that people from Atlantis used to be also called “Towers’ builders”, and they were extremely proficient in the art of building them. Nowhere else in the Mediterranean sea can be found such an amazing number of towers. Even more puzzling is the fact that beside these stunningly engineered towers Nuraghe inhabitants built a couple of Holy Wells which are of an unprecedented sophistication and accuracy. Each rock nest into the others perfectly, with a perfection that is totally beyond their time, with a perfection that would be difficult to reach today. The wells are oriented in a way that twice an year during the equinox the sun enter the well lighting it up.

While cruising through Sardinia visiting Nuraghes and dipping in the holy well don’t forget to dedicate time to taste the gorgeous Sardinian food and sip gently our red wine. Scientist still debate about weather it is the climate, the organic food, the delicious red wine so packed with Resveratrol or the stress-free lifestyle, but an outstanding number of Sardinians lives way over 100 years.